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Multi-site workforce management: staff scheduling, T&A, HR, payroll integration and reporting.

Comprising four cloud-based modules like payroll integration and time & attendance based around a core of efficient and effective scheduling.
Ideal for large corporate and franchise organisations.
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POS, Payroll & HR integrations

Link Roster with ROSS with your POS, payroll and HR system to reduce complexity and remove double up and data entry errors.

Designed for all levels of your organisation

Tools for store, venue and, area managers, coaches and upper level management. Scheduling, statistics & KPIs, variance reporting and more.

Scheduling online

Create and modify shifts and assign jobs against your historical sales or footfall figures hour by hour. Calculate hourly, daily and weekly KPI’s and efficiency data like labour costs as a percentage of sales on the fly.

Cloud Based

Work from any computer, anytime. Mac or PC, phone or tablet, work or home, day or night. All your roster data is backed up to multiple servers each time you make a change, meaning you don’t have to worry about losing your rosters or actual data.

Importing from Point of Sale

Having your POS integrated with Roster with ROSS means hourly sales, units sold and/or footfall count are imported automatically on a regular basis and displayed against the schedule. Track your roster KPI’s week-to-week and improve your efficiency.

Staff portal

Staff details like availability, skills and wages are essential to have at your fingertips to schedule effectively. With the Roster with ROSS staff portal, staff can request changes to their leave and week-to-week availability or you can control their availability by entering it yourself.

Time & Attendance

Roster with ROSS allows managers to view, edit and report on the time and attendance data from the ROSSo’clock timeclock module or update from the plan to what actually happened from paper-based timesheets.

Stunning Support

All support and training sessions are included in the Roster with ROSS package. 8×5 phone and email support is included, and 12×7 or 24×7 support packages are available. A comprehensive help manual and helpdesk ticketing system means a response is guaranteed.

Roster with ROSS is costed rosters, time & attendance, HR and advanced labour reporting in the cloud

Schedule Anywhere

Roster with ROSS is available to use on the web on any device. Check the schedule on your phone, publish the schedule on your iPad, update from schedule to actual on your PC. Anywhere, anytime.

Powerful Integrations

Powerful integrations with leading business software providers mean less data entry, less double-ups and more efficient business processes. Less time, less wastage.

Secure Employee Tracking

Track employee data throughout Roster with ROSS. From hiring, collecting details and availability on their first day and to day-to-day operations, Roster with ROSS works for everyone, from the employee to the employer.

High-Level Reporting

Upper level management can see the broad-stroke  information they need to make timely, well-informed decisions through variance reporting in Roster with ROSS. We call it ‘actionable information’.

Efficient Schedules

Have your department or venue managers create efficient schedules against KPIs.

Time & Attendance

Securely monitor employee start, finish and break times. Fingerprint scanning for extra security.


Link to external Point of Sale, payroll and HR systems without the data entry.

Variance Reporting

Monitor variances between actual and projected KPIs from any web browser.

Solutions by role

  • Create, view & change your roster day-by-day & week-by-week in your web browser
  • Easily manage staff availability by editing it yourself or having your staff request changes in their own staff portal
  • Fill no-show shifts easily with a quick SMS to any available staff
  • Easily print the roster when it’s finalised for reference
  • Automated management of time & attendance through ROSSo’clock with rounding & matching rules
  • SMS & email the roster to staff, plus apps to view published rosters
  • Jobs, skills, leave allowances, part/full-time staff, awards & penalty rates are all managed for you
  • view all the rosters you are responsible for in one place from any computer
  • compare performance based on your chosen KPIs – for example; labour cost percentage or customer to staff ratio
  • identify which of your managers may need your assistance to meet KPIs
  • approve rosters created by managers and publish them to notify staff
  • free yourself from the dependence on emailed or printed rosters & KPI reports
  • Set budgets and KPIs so that your managers will know about underperformance or when they’re doing well
  • View any rosters, KPIs or actual hours worked anytime you need
  • Use ROSSorg visualisation tools in finance management meetings
  • Check over actual hours worked before they are exported to payroll
  • Automate payroll by eliminating tedious manual data entry of hours or shifts to or from paper or spreadsheets
  • Reduce or eliminate the printed paper trail… and ditch the spreadsheets!
  • Speed up your rostering by keeping track of your staff availability using ROSS
  • Cost your roster before the week begins to help you budget more effectively
  • Compare your actual hours worked to your rostered plan
  • Set and track your performance against company KPIs
  • Save time by replacing tedious data entry with ROSS payroll integrations

Solutions by business size

Large businesses generate significant economies of scale when deploying Roster with ROSS amongst all business units. Setting targets at a high level ensures labour performance is top-of-mind at all levels of the organsiation

Businesses with more than 500 staff benefit from time-saving payroll integrations with Sage MicroPay and NetSuite/Infinet Cloud Payroll

Businesses with a mix of corporately-owned and franchised outlets can benefit from using ROSSorg to see high-level labour statistics across the entire business, both corporate and franchised.

Multi-unit franchisees benefit from a consistent approach to staff management, rostering policies, time & attendance tolerances and centralised payroll.

Single-unit franchisees gain visibility over labour costs before the week starts, a full suite of KPIs without any calculations, award costing and the ability to delegate rostering, time & attendance and export to payroll tasks to managers.

By Payroll Software

Using NetSuite? Roster with ROSS has a full integration with NetSuite

Using Sage’s MicroPay software? Roster with ROSS has a full integration with MicroPay including syncing leave


Using Xero? Roster with ROSS has a full integration with Xero

Roster with ROSS has an integration via ODBC with MYOB in version 19.x. For later versions, MYOB have allowed a less direct integration.