How can ROSS work for you?


Are you a Front-line Manager? ROSS helps you:
  • Create, view & change your roster day-by-day & week-by-week in one place from any computer
  • easily manage staff availability by editing it yourself or even having your staff request changes with
  • their own login at MyROSS
  • fill no-show shifts easily with a quick SMS to any available staff
  • Easily print the roster when it’s finalised for reference
  • Automated management of time & attendance through ROSS O’Clock
  • SMS & email the roster to staff in advance of the week – no excuses!
  • jobs, skills, leave allowances, part-time staff, awards & penalty rates are all managed for you

Operations Manager

Are you an Ops Manager? ROSS helps you:
  • view all the rosters you are responsible for in one place from any computer
  • Compare performance based on your chosen KPIs – for example; labour cost percentage or customer to staff ratio
  • Identify which of your managers may need your assistance to meet KPIs
  • Approve rosters created by managers and publish them to notify staff
  • Free yourself from the dependence on emailed or printed rosters & KPI reports


Are you a CFO or involved in Payroll? ROSS helps you:
  • Set budgets and KPIs so that your managers will know about underperformance or when they’re doing well
  • View any rosters, KPIs or actual hours worked anytime you need
  • Use ROSSorg visualisation tools in finance management meetings
  • Check over actual hours worked before they are exported to payroll
  • Automate payroll by eliminating tedious manual data entry of hours or shifts to or from paper or spreadsheets
  • Reduce or eliminate the printed paper trail… and ditch the spreadsheets!


Are you the franchisee of one or even multiple outlets? ROSS helps you:
  • Speed up your rostering by keeping track of your staff availability using ROSS
  • Cost your roster before the week begins to help you budget more effectively
  • Compare your actual hours worked to your rostered plan
  • Set and track your performance against company KPIs
  • Save time by replacing tedious data entry with ROSS Payroll integrations